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Find out why we are the best for dental prosthetics in Albania.

When a person suffers from severe and problematic loss of dental tissue and has poor aesthetics of the teeth, dental prosthetics (bridges, crowns, veneers, etc.) are used to restore damaged teeth. In case of complete tooth loss, the prosthesis is fixed to a dental implant. Dental prostheses are essential for recovering the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth.

Prosthetic dentistry procedures are necessary when damage caused by dental fillers, large seals, or tooth wear causes loss of the hard tissues of the teeth. Prosthetic dentistry is also recommended after endodontic dental treatment: the loss of vitality of the teeth increases the risk of tooth fractures. In case of tooth loss it is possible to restore a complete dental crown by connecting the prosthesis to a dental implant.

Prosthetics are divided into removable and fixed dental prosthetic appliances. These latter prostheses are far superior. Unlike removable dentures, also called dentures, fixed prosthetic appliances are often indistinguishable from natural teeth. Perfect aesthetic appearance and comfort are something that dentures cannot provide. If possible, we always recommend using fixed dentures.


Removable dentures (dentures):

Complete dentures - Partial dentures


Fixed dental prostheses:

Zirconium oxide ceramic crowns - Metal-ceramic crowns - Veneers - Dental bridges fixed on adjacent teeth


Fixed implant prostheses:

Single crowns - Complete restoration of the jaw with fixed prostheses